Welcome to nIoVe

nIoVe project is a 36 months European project, co-founded by the European Union's Horizon 2020. nIoVe brings together European excellence in order to build an innovative cybersecurity of CAVs and IoV ecosystem solution to support automotive manufacturers and transport providers. The Consortium is highly interdisciplinary and trans-national. It cons...
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Identity Management in Internet of Vehicles based on Distributed Ledger Technology

Author: Jan LauingerEdited by: Mohammad Hamad, Sebastian SteinhorstDate: April 30, 2021 1. Introduction With the rise of technology in the automotive industry, vehicles are more and more connected to the cloud and road side infrastructure, thus, defining the term "Internet of Vehicles" (IoV). In addition to that, environment sensing, enab...
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Using honeypots as an additional layer of security against cyber threats in autonomous vehicles' infrastructure

Author: Athanasios Papadakis / Edited by Kristina Livitckaia The autonomous vehicle (AV) ecosystem creates a rapidly emerging domain of advanced research, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Autonomous vehicles range from individual cars to taxis and shuttles and facilitate massive public autonomous transport services development. With the fact that ...
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nIoVe Project - Virtualized Honeypots and Honeyfarm Demonstration

 This demonstration shows how the nIoVe operator configures and deploys a virtualized HoneyFarm to a vehicle. The deployed virtual infrastructure is able to capture attack propagation trends through an integrated monitor tool (Wazuh) and analyze the attack mechanisms and behavior of the attackers.