Consortium meeting in Thessaloniki


Οur project's partner, CERTH, is hosting a two-day meeting in July.Partners will join this meeting both physically and remotely to discuss the status the pilots and the pending actions

Real-World Pilot Technical Meeting


Οur project's partner, TPG, is hosting a two-day technical meeting in Geneva to discuss the status of the Real World pilot as a part of the final pilot preparation.

RISE at the 23rd 5GAA F2F Meeting Week


Οur project's partner, RISE, participated in the 23rd 5GAA F2F Meeting Week (11-15 July 2022), aiming to harmonize between the directions of 5G Automotive Association and the guidelines provided by nIoVe project.The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) organizes 4 face-to-face working meetings every year, to discuss and advance its various Work It...

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HOPU at Transfiere 2022


Οur project's partner, HOPU, will participate in Transfiere (16-17 February 2022), the European Meeting on Science, Technology and Innovation, the biggest professional and multi-sectoral Forum for knowledge and technology transfer that takes place in Spain, presenting the Niove Project. More info about the event:

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Article in IEEE Computer magazine about the future challenges in IoV


A fresh article about the challenges that will be faced by the research community in the next years for the evolution of Internet-of-vehicles is written by researchers of nIoVe's consortium (ATHENA, CERTH) and published in the latest issue of the IEEE Magazine (January 2022): Christos Alexakos; Konstantinos Votis; Dimitrios Tzovaras; Dimitrios Serp...

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Special Issue "Safety, Security, Privacy, and Trust in Internet-of-Vehicles" on Applied Science journal


Researchers from the nIoVe consortium are organizing and editing a new special issue on Safety, Security, Privacy, and Trust in Internet-of-Vehicles on the Applied Science journal, an open-access journal published by MDPI. Message from the Guest Editors Internet-of-Vehicles (IoV) is growing exponentially, with vehicles being part of a large communi...

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ATHENA presents the innovation perspective of nIoVe in Patras IQ 2021


nIoVe's partner ATHENA presented the challenges in the IoV Cybersecurity and the innovation perspective of some of the nIoVe's tools in the session "The Industrial Systems Institute contributing to the developments and applications of Industry 4.0" organized at the framework the 7th Patras IQ 2021 Exhibition. Two tools of the nIoVe project, th...

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SEEMS presents nIoVe at PatrasIQ 2021 Exhibition


nIoVe's partner SEEMS participated in PatrasIQ, held on December 4th to 6th. During the online exhibition, SEEMS presented nIoVe project. The attendees were informed about the solution that nIoVe offers, the project's vision and the risk associated with the autonomous vehicles. The building blocks of nIoVe's project such as the Trust Management and...

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During tomorrow. mobility World Congress held from November 16th to November 18th, nIoVe partner HOPU, an innovation leader in the Smart Cities, presented the nIoVe project. The congress' attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the project's mission and vision to identify risks associated with the connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs), to ...

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"A Multilayer Cybersecurity Framework for the Internet of Vehicles"


Mohammad Hamad, from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, talked about "A Multilayer Cybersecurity Framework for the Internet of Vehicles". More info:

nIoVe at PCI2021


The approach that nIoVe framework deals with the Digital Forensics Readiness has been presented in the 25th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics ( which took place on 26th-28th of November 2021 at Volos, Greece. Dr. Christos Alexakos from ISI/ATHENA presented the article entitled "FoRePlan: Supporting Digital Forensics Rea...

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nIoVe at the 2nd CARAMEL OEM & Partner Workshop


The nIoVe consortium participated in the virtual workshop organized by the CARAMEL project on the 16th of Νovember 2021.The objective of this workshop was to highlight the achieved results toward the development of Artificial Intelligence-based cybersecurity for connected and automated vehicles. One of nIoVe's technical experts, Chri...

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Shaping the future of cybersecurity - Priorities, challenges and funding opportunities for a more resilient Europe


Date & Time: 13 July 2021, 10:00 - 17:00 CEST Type of the event: Concertation Meeting, Webinar Title: Shaping the future of cybersecurity - Priorities, challenges and funding opportunities for a more resilient Europe nIoVe project will participate in the webinar organized by the project on the 13rd of J...

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"Designing a Novel Adaptive Cybersecurity Solution for Internet-of-Vehicle (nIoVe)" Workshop


 Date & Time: June 25th, 11:45-13:45 Attendance: Open event through live feed (Questions via chat if it is feasible). Type of the event: Workshop with round table discussion (Panel presentations and discussion) Title: Designing a Novel Adaptive Cybersecurity Solution for Internet-of-Vehicle Abstract: Nowadays, the trend towards the connect...

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Automated public transportation: Delivering smart and sustainable mobility


With their upcoming autonomous driving laws, France and Germany are leading the way in bringing L4 applications such as driverless Shuttles from the experimental stage into regular operation. Building on these national approaches, successful development and market launch of automated public transport in Europe requires a dedicated legal framew...

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CARAMEL Workshop


The nIoVe consortium will participate in the virtual workshop organized by the CARAMEL project on the 27th of May 2021.  The CARAMEL project will introduce its activities to representatives of OEMs to increase the reach and gather opinions about the topics addressed by CARAMEL. The objective of the workshop will be to highlight the a...

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nIoVe Stakeholder Requirements


nIoVe's team is glad to announce the launching of surveys concerning cybersecurity, privacy, and user requirements on the Internet-of-Vehicle (IoV) ecosystem focusing on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs).If you are a Cybersecurity expert, Public Transportation Authority or Smart City Administrator, an Autonomous vehicles manufacturer, or a p...

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Open Research Europe

The Open Research Europe (ORE) platform has recently been officially launched. The ORE platform is an open access publishing platform for scientific articles that present the results of research funded by Horizon 2020, and soon Horizon Europe. ORE publishes articles categorized in six subject areas: Natural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Med...

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SPPS: Secure Policy-based Publish/Subscribe System for V2C Communication

Mohammad Hamad∗ , Emanuel Regnath∗ , Jan Lauinger∗ , Vassilis Prevelakis and Sebastian Steinhorst Technical University of Munich, Germany. "SPPS: Secure Policy-based Publish/Subscribe System for V2C Communication" paper was presented at the date21 conference today.The paper proposes a secure Pub/Sub system to ensure end-to-end secure communication ...

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Advanced Cybersecurity Approaches for Connected, Automated and Electric Vehicles

On Sunday 20/9/2020 (9:00 - 16:00 EEST), the workshop "Advanced Cybersecurity Approaches for connected, automated and electric vehicles" ( is organized on the framework of the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems. The workshop includes only invited speeches from EU projects (nIoV...

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