RISE at the 23rd 5GAA F2F Meeting Week

Οur project's partner, RISE, participated in the 23rd 5GAA F2F Meeting Week (11-15 July 2022), aiming to harmonize between the directions of 5G Automotive Association and the guidelines provided by nIoVe project.

The 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) organizes 4 face-to-face working meetings every year, to discuss and advance its various Work Items. This time, the meeting took place in Vienna, Austria, from Monday July 11 to Wednesday July 13, with 137 F2F participants and 78 virtual attendees over 54 sessions.

Related to nIoVe, RISE participated to all sessions relevant for Working Group 7 - "Security & Privacy". Some of the Work Items related to this Working Group include "Misbehavior Detection" and "Trusted Positioning Methods", which are especially relevant for nIoVe.

On Tuesday July 12, during the Community Building Session, RISE presented the result of our work on anomaly detection in sensor data.