SPPS: Secure Policy-based Publish/Subscribe System for V2C Communication

Mohammad Hamad∗ , Emanuel Regnath∗ , Jan Lauinger∗ , Vassilis Prevelakis and Sebastian Steinhorst Technical University of Munich, Germany.

"SPPS: Secure Policy-based Publish/Subscribe System for V2C Communication" paper was presented at the date21 conference today.
The paper proposes a secure Pub/Sub system to ensure end-to-end secure communication between cars and cloud services without trusting brokers. The proposed solution uses semi-honest services, so-called KeyStores, to save secret shares provided by a car. These secrets are used by each authorized cloud service to reconstruct a symmetric key generated by the vehicle and used to encrypt the published data.
This work was done as part of the EU Niove Project.

If you are interested to read the full paper, please find it here: shorturl.at/ajvJM 

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