CARAMEL’s goal is to proactively address modern vehicle cybersecurity challenges applying advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques and also to continuously seek methods to mitigate associated safety risks.
  • SecureIoT

    SecureIoT aims to bring certificate-based security to resource-constrained IoT. A dedicated use case for cybersecurity in IoV has been established, similar to the purposes of nIoVe, and the consortium will exchange expertise in the design and development of the security solutions.


    A strong collaboration with AVENUE is done. Actors form nIoVe and AVENUE can be found in both projects making the simplifying collaboration and interests. SwissTopo is also a strong cooperator of the nIoVe solution integrating there GNSS correction solution within our GHOST CAV. The data the collect will be useful for sub-scenarios and anomaly detection.