• RISE- Presentation at the RISE-Ericsson Annual Security Day event 2019, Seminar, Stockholm-Sweden, 10/02/2019.

  • ATHENA- Presentation in the 22nd Development Forum/Money Show Patras, Greece, 23/11/2019-24/11/2019.

  • ICTLC- Oral Presentation- Data Protection Officer (DPO) Certification courses,Brussels- Belgium, 09/03/2020.

  • ICTLC- Oral Presentation- Oral Presentation-Privacy Executive week, MaastrichtThe Netherlands, 23/03/2020.

  • ICTLC- Oral Presentation-Oral Presentation- Annual Privacy Forum 2020, Lisbon Portugal, 06/04/2020.

  • ICTLC - Data Protection Officer (DPO) Certification courses, Maastricht-The Netherlands 26/06/2020-03/07/2020.

  • CERTH - CyberSec: Advanced Cybersecurity Approaches for Connected, Automated and Electric Vehicles, Greece, September 2020.

  • ATHENA and CERTH organised the 2TC1: Cybersecurity of Connected and Automated Vehicles (Special Session) in EWGT2020: 23rd EURO Working Group on Transportation, Paphos-Cyprus, 18/09/2020-19/09/2020..